House Bill 2007 was introduced by Mark Cardenas earlier this week.

The bill will essentially legalize recreational marijuana in the state of Arizona for all those aged 21 and older.

This is not the first bill introduced to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Arizona, earlier in 2014 a bill was introduced by former Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego, but it was never assigned to an actual committee for review.

Under the bill, Arizona residents 21 and older could possess up to an ounce and even grow up to five plants on their own. The bill is based on the measure that Colorado approved and successfully implemented years ago. The legislator who introduced the bill has strong arguments for legalization, as it has the ability, through tax revenue, to cut the state’s upcoming budget shortfall in half. The bill also has the possibility of saving the state millions by not charging and locking up marijuana users. It is unlikely the bill will actually pass through Arizona’s highly conservative legislature. This bill will serve however as a launching point for the proponents of marijuana in Arizona. Local and National advocates have targeted Arizona for legalization by voter measure in 2016.


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