Name matters a little. I typically find kush strains to be my favorite taste wise, but there can be big differences even within the same strain. It all depends on who grew and cured the product. Either way, as Jeffrey Raber points out in this LA Weekly article, all of these strains are going to have similar effects. This really should come as no surprise considering they’re all cannabis.

Via LAWeekly:

OG Kush. Skywalker. Pineapple Express. Sour Diesel. Sour Jack.

These are the “strains” that medical marijuana consumers are sold, often at premium prices, with the promise that they’ll do something special for you.

But a foremost cannabis expert, Jeffrey Raber, who holds a PhD. in chemistry from USC, says it’s all BS. Those names don’t mean anything, and a forthcoming study he’s working on will prove it, Raber tells us. In fact …

… he even disputes the commonly held notion that the two polar types of weed, indica and sativa, produce opposing effects — specifically that indica is more of a depressant and sativa is more of an upper…”

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