The recent approval of Arizona’s first medical marijuana dispensary means that most of the medical marijuana cardholders authorized to grow their own marijuana in Phoenix and the surrounding areas will lose that right and the era of legal Arizona grow rooms is starting to come to an end.

Arizona’s current medical marijuana law allows applicants to request authorization to grow their own marijuana, but only so long as there is not a dispensary within 25 miles.

The dispensary that was recently approved by Arizona state officials is located in Glendale, meaning it is within 25 miles of Phoenix and many of the surrounding areas. According to state officials, as a result, new medical marijuana cards issued in most of the Phoenix area won’t include the authorization to grow marijuana and those with current growing authorization won’t be renewed when they expire.

The next dispensary up for review is located in Tucson and, assuming it receives Arizona’s stamp of approval, Tucson medical marijuana cardholders will face the same growing restrictions.

The Glendale and Tucson dispensaries are just two of nearly 100 applicants chosen statewide. With each dispensary approval, cardholders within 25 miles lose their legal right to grow their own marijuana and it won’t be long before AZ grow rooms are a thing of the past.